Who am I and why do I have the credibility to write this book?

For a start, I'm a born and bred NY'er, don't we know everything? Secondly, I have seen and been through it all, or a big part of all. I am not a writer, this is my first book. My least favorite phrase is " I can't believe it". Hopefully, after reading this book, you'll believe that anything is possible.

I clearly remember the first time I found out all the wonderful things a penis can do. Actually one, That was a fun year, total preoccupation. Needed 2 abacuses to keep track. I was precocious. That's when I realized I was not in control my domain. My brain was logical and my penis was none relenting. This was the start of the ongoing, to this day, conflict.

Then went to an all-male college, yes it was stupid. Being immersed with horny guys from all over the country showed me that we are all the same. The conversation was sexual 95% of the time, how to, when to, what to...

When I started to travel the world, it was like finding kindred spirits, all guys, all over, are the same. No wonder we know what is the worlds oldest profession. It's because of the world's oldest need, desire, obsession, SEX and how to get it. It's innate like birds flying, but birds don't fall out of the sky or fall on faces, we do all the time.

Ladies, please learn that the man isn't a creep for having these thoughts, he's just a man. The scorpion and the frog, it's in our nature.

With that said, Welcome to my world.

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Horatio Stema