The male version of the Vagina Monologues.

Guys, how many times does your big head argue with your little head? Lots, and the little guy makes so much sense at that exact moment. There are 55 situations in this book of those conversations and you'll recognize many, if not all. Hopefully, you'll laugh your ass off and learn you're not alone. All men have sexual urges, it's fine and normal.

Women, have you ever wondered what's going through the head of that guy in your life? You have to understand this, men are not weird (in this case) or pervs for having these feelings. It's what you do with these urges that makes you weird or pervs. Women, maybe you'll better understand one of a man's biggest driving forces. A portion of the proceeds will go to #metoo.

I know there is a line that defines the good way and the bad way. That line moves according to the cultural times. That's a good thing, and we are getting closer to the appropriate way, but we're not there yet.

Women have The Vagina Monologues, now men have MPIAD. You're welcome! It's my contribution to mental health.

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